32 Awards. 4 Category Winners, 28 Sub Category Winners

As its ongoing pursuit to establish design as a tool for national competitiveness, CII initiated the "CII Design Excellence Awards" from the year of 2011. In its fifth year, we are pleased to announce that applications are now open for the CII Design Excellence Awards 2016.

The India Design Council endorses CII Design Excellence Awards. The India Design Council acts as the national strategic body for multi-disciplinary design and is involved in promotion of design to ultimately make Indian Industry a design enabled industry.

The CII Design Excellence Award is the acknowledgement and celebration of Indian Design. This Design Award will discover the new paradigms of design in India, which answers the call of making Indian industry and manufacturing more competitive and innovative. The award will present the emerging face of design in India and its newer manifestations.

The award seeks to demonstration the value of design to the Indian industry and will be a true acknowledgement of the prowess of Indian design, innovation and originality.

This Design Award is a perfect opportunity for your company to hog the limelight, and gain increased appreciation for being a Design-led organization.



The entry submitted for the CII Design Excellence Award has to be designed for / designed in India and manufactured and or marketed in India

Submitted by a company registered in India


Design must be fully commissioned and in market or usage at the time of entry

The Design must have been realized in the calendar year of 2015 or 2016

Prototypes cannot apply.

The entries must comply with the mandatory applicable standards for the given entry


Visual Communication

Visual identity: Branding or rebranding projects, logo, trademark, symbol, visual identity implementation across organization

Environments: Corporate, public and private spaces, environmental graphics and signage, museum exhibits, showroom and retail merchandising, trade show exhibits, etc.

Packaging Graphics

Typography: Logotype, print, packaging, signage, digital media, original, derivative or pictorial typeface

Publications: Magazines, catalogues, annual reports, communication tools, brochures, books, periodicals, etc.

Industrial Design

Household Appliances: White goods and electrical household equipment, kitchen devices and aids, household aids,household aids, refrigerators, microwave oven, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, etc.

Home Products: Home & decorative accessories, kitchen, garden & workshop tools, cutlery & kitchenware, tools for cooking & cleaning, utensils, tableware, baby products, pet products.

Lifestyle: Jewelry, footwear, leather articles, accessories, watches, spectacles, optical products, bags, luggage, backpacks, cases, eyeglasses, helmets, other personal items, etc.

Electronic, Computers and Communications Products: Audio and visual equipment, electronic consumer goods, phones, cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, navigation devices, earpieces and handsets, desktops, laptops, portable devices, display screens, etc.

Productivity Tools: Equipment and fixtures, writing instruments, stationary, office supplies, etc.

Leisure Products: Sports equipment, hobby goods, DIY Goods, toys and games, playground equipment, educational toys, etc.

Entertainment: TVs, media players, cameras, camcorders, musical instruments, gaming equipment, entertainment devices, entertainment accessories, etc.

Packaging Structures

Capital Goods: Industrial machinery & tools, agricultural machinery & tools, construction machines & tools etc.

Tools, Equipment & Gauges:Tools, work gear, gauges and measuring devices, test equipment, machining equipment, visual devices, industrial robots, etc.

Health & Personal Care: Hospital and laboratory devices, rehabilitation, patient care and medical operation appliances, clinical & diagnostic products, industrial & scientific products, surgical & therapeutic Products, home-Care & self-care products, beauty and grooming, body care devices, etc.

Architectural & Interior Products: Furniture, lighting, public spaces, building materials, fittings and fixtures, air conditioners, sanitary ware, retail fixtures, retail equipment, point of sale products and systems, etc.

Interaction Design

Consumer, home and personal

Business and productivity

Games and Multimedia

Website, information graphics, online ads, kiosks, digital magazines, email newsletters

Mobile Apps

Motion design, animations, film titles, typography on screen

Mobility Design




Special purpose vehicle

Automobile Accessories

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